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Welcome to Samborombon

We love challenging problems!! I’ve worked with solving problems all my career, to help you with yours is what we are good at.

I love business that’s how I got here.

Born in 1965, after studies and year abroad I joined our family company Bergstrands coffee roastery. 35 years later I quit and started my own business. I got a long history in coffee and tea throughout my years in the company.

During the years I got to build two coffee roastery’s, so I can plan, find suppliers and construct a coffee roastery designed for your needs.

As a consul for Sri Lanka and tea buyer I’ve visited the country several times and have contacts and knowledge about the country. To help finding suppliers of tea, natural rubber products, It solutions etc. Is what we are good at.

Owning and running a family business forces you to handle all parts of a company from sweeping floors, repairing and running production, planning marketing strategies, meeting banks, handling HR issues, meeting board of directors and go through the accounting. All aspects and the symbiosis there are between the parts of the business to make a healthy and prosperous company, I know them and know how to handle them.

It’s great that we know each other now.

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